Short fiction film - 7 minutes - 2017
An Attempt is a poetic portrait of a young man’s struggle to put on his backpak, while under the influence of alcohol, on a sunny afternoon in the city.
The film touches on the melancholic notion that a person can never be seen in his or her full complexity through the eyes of others.
CAST - Oscar Van Rompay
CINEMATOGRAPHY - Cedric Vankerckhoven
SOUND - Bert Aerts
Festivals, screenings and awards:

 - Breedbeeld Kortfilmestival 
 - Diversions International Short Film Festival, 2018 (Croatia)
 - Still.mov_final: a short film evening at De Studio, 2018 (Belgium)

 - Tampere Film Festival, 2018 (Finland)
 - Visite Film Festival, aug 2017 (Belgium)

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